About Me

Beverly consistently pursues balance in five main areas: Emotions, Health, Spirituality, Finance, and Relationships. As a certified facilitator, Beverly teaches many people how to live a designed life through F.R.E.S.H™ Awareness Workshops, Life Coaching, and Grief Recovery Method®.


Where Freedom, Transformation, and Success Begins


Providing You With the Tools to Help Attain Your Goals

How I Can Help You

  • 7 week program to help process grief, attain hope, and regain purpose

    1 hr


  • A 2-day intensive active learning workshop to help you get unstuck

    1 hr


  • Support & Accountability session

    1 hr




Beverly D'Amico​ RN, MSN, CGRS, Life Coach | theheartofwhatmatters@gmail.com | Tel: (770) 988-6091​

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