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The Heart of What Matters aims to support those who have survived traumatic events.  

Beverly D’Amico, RN,MSN, CGRS is an inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Method® Counselor, and Certified F.R.E.S.H™ Awareness Coach. As a nurse for 33 years she discovered many physical illnesses were the result of emotional trauma, and unresolved grief. She believes everyone has answers to their dilemma, which lies deep within themselves. When those internal answers are not readily available for decision making, it is due to previous life events, resulting in distrust of your inner truth. Our Logic, our Heart, and our Instincts are often in conflict with one another, which surface as Confusion, Distrust, and Fear. During these periods we need someone to just listen. Beverly has supported many in gaining the skills of listening to their self truths. After realignment with their deepest truth, her clients have grown in confidence and independence.

When utilizing the new skills, clients have reached equilibrium and regain control of their lives, effortlessly. By learning to uncover Truths behind social myths, clients began living their best lives. Many clients were stuck in mundane, monotony, unclear how they arrived at such a destination. They noticed once the hustle and bustle of life slowed down many found themselves feeling empty and unfulfilled. These feelings are usually the result of unresolved grief. Beverly's services will help you work through past traumas and present griefs.


About Me

Beverly, was born in Michigan, the youngest of eight children. Like many, her family was also dysfunctional and as a result she did not have a good relationship with her mother and was abandoned by her father.

With her father absent and no strong male role model, Beverly found herself pursuing relationships that reinforced abandonment. At the age of 25 she pursued a nursing degree. At the age of 30 she pursued a career in the United States Air Force. While on active duty, Beverly experienced many events that replicated her painful childhood. The result of the repeated trauma was a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

After 20 years of living with the diagnosis, Beverly decided she had enough. She began seeking other interventions and inadvertently was introduced to F.R.E.S.H™ Awareness Workshop. The weekend workshop had such an impact on the behaviors and emotions of PTSD that she requested the Founder to be her Life Coach and Mentor. Today, Beverly is one of his peers. Her life is proof that “The Fresh Awareness Workshop” works!

In life, Beverly continually pursues balance in five main areas: Emotions, Health, Spirituality, Finance, and Relationships. As a certified facilitator, Beverly teaches many people how to live a designed life through F.R.E.S.H™ Awareness Workshops, Life Coaching, and Grief Recovery Method®.

What We Do

At The Heart of What Matters, we are interested in YOU: all genders and races of people. Especially our Veterans. They hold a special place in our heart. We support the goals you have chosen for yourself. We believe under all of the conflict and confusion, you are connected to your desired destination.

Our job is to listen to your needs, provide tangible navigation tools, and cheer you on your journey. You are what we do!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring balance to individuals in key areas such as: Finances, Relationships, Emotions, Spirituality and health. We believe in living life to the fullest.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each client is creative, resourceful and whole. As coaches, our responsibility is to support the client in establishing strategies for accountability and responsibility to self and others


All information shared with your counselor is honored as private and sacred. No personal information is ever shared with outside parties unless authorized by the client.

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