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Dancing Women



When I came to Beverly I was stuck in grief and living as if I could not escape my traumatic childhood. However, thanks to Beverly I now have the tools and support to process and complete my grief. I now have the tools to process painful emotions. Beverly is a kind and caring grief counselor. She has a way of seeing and understanding who are you in such a crystal clear manner. If there is any part of you that she does not see she will patiently allow you to reveal yourself. I found that that so very much helped me to understand my grief and emotions when I could have them so clearly understood by such a compassionate counselor. Her approach is loving and therapeutic. She has such a great depth of understanding that which lies beneath one’s hurt and wounds. She could pick up on the core emotional wounds and grief underlying my words and actions, and her insight greatly helped me to understand myself and heal so much of my pain. She listens with a tender ear, and she is great at teaching you the tools to deal with life’s emotional challenges. I thank God for Beverly. She’s helped me to learn to complete unresolved grief, heal my wounds, and embrace life. The process of completing grief was challenging, but it was so rewarding! Thank you Beverly!

- S. Lee

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