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Providing resources to create stability. 

The focus is holistic wellness. The focus is wellness resolution and financial independence.

Here at The Heart Of What Matters, the intention is to provide resources for clients, to meet their personal goals of wellness.

In 2014, I was introduce to the company “Enagic”. The designer of Kangen technology. Kangen is constructed as a Medical Device under Enagic’s Manufacturing license. It has several certifications, ie: International Organization for Standardization, (ISO) and the FDA, (Food and Drug Administration), to name a few.

This technology has had such an impact on my wellbeing that I have shared it with many of my friends, family, and clients. It has proven to be a catalyst in their wellness resolution and financial independence also.

The Heart Of What Matters believes the human body was designed to heal itself if given the right fuel, (nutrition). We also believe mankind was meant to be Entrepreneurs, promoting self wealth and family legacies.

We recommend Kangen. Begin your family’s legacy.

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 Kangen Technology

Change your water, Change your life™

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My goal is to serve you and provide you with opportunities for financial wealth.

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