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Returning to School During A Pandemic

Children returning to school in the Fall of 2020

I have been observing the parent buzz of children returning to school. "We have to work! Our children are returning to in classroom setting." "My children are staying home. The Covid19 numbers are increasing." Still others are saying, "My children must return to school because they are struggling with online schooling. I don't have the skills to teach them at home." My reply on one of our community social medial was: 

"I remember when I was a single parent away from family and friends. It was difficult to make decisions similar to these. I am grateful that my children are all grown and survived my decisions as a parent. Now that I am a grandparent I make myself available to help my children make these difficult choices. Personally, I believe as a community we've lost touch with helping and supporting each other. There are some individuals that have GREAT talent in teaching children. And there are people that are GREAT breadwinners! I remember a time when we put ALL of our resources together for the communities' (family/children) common good! If we weren't so afraid of each other, we could do GREAT things again!! Blessings Neighbors..."

What suggestions do you have? What are your thoughts? If you were influential and had the ability to promote change in this area of your community, what would you do?

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