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Intro to Grief Recovery

Yesterday was Grief Awareness Day. Because there is so much grief in our present reality, I decided to discuss it. There are many types of grief other than the loss of a loved one. There is grief relating to a loss of a job, loss of freedom, such as what we are all experiencing with the present pandemic (Covid 19). There is grief when the last child leaves the home. Many will find they have loss purpose to their lives. There is grief with new diagnoses, and chronic illness. There is also grief when good things happen in our lives which result in a change in our routine. Such as winning the lottery. Buying a new home or car. Starting school or even retiring after life long employment. Grief presents itself in so many ways.

The major intervention is to not ignore how you feel. Choose not to use logic to explain it away. Stand in it. Feel it. Do not isolate. Do not feel guilty because you are grieving longer than you think you should or how long someone tells you should. Be with people that will support you while you reminisce. Avoid people that push you through the grieving process due to impatience or because you remind them of their own unprocessed grief. There are support groups available. I prefer providing clients with skills that help them process the grief not only talk about it.

Grief Recovery Method is designed to teach skills that you can utilize for all types of grief. This method is designed for Recovery. It will help you remember your loss in a positive mindset. I other words Joy comes in the Morning!

If you are grieving and would like to recover from your loss. Please contact me at:


I wish you much happiness and success!



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